The Roundhead Community Fire Association was organized August 27, 1953 in the V.F.W. hall in Roundhead.  Temporary chairman, Gene Cox, called the meeting to order and the following officers were elected:  Byron Osborn, President; Ken Henkle, Vice President; Ruth Henkle, Secretary; and Bob Mercer, Treasurer.  President Osborn appointed Erwin Countryman, UJ McGinnis and Bob Mercer to draw up by-laws.  Mr. Gilbert Stuber gave the organization it's first $1 which was turned over to the treasurer.  It was decided that officers of the department be elected from the men that had taken the training.  Those first officers were: Merle Harvey - Chief, John C. Fay Jr. - Captain, Bob Mercer - Lieutenant.  These men served their posts for the rest of 1953 with new elections being held in January of the next year.
   The first certified members were; Emery Canfield, Eugene Cox, Wilson F Dodds, Merle E Harvey, Clyde E Vermillion, K C Henkle, Robert D Cox,  Roger Harpster, Byron Osborn, U J McGinnis, Ruth Henkle, William W Hurley, Floy Hites, Milo L Rumer and R T Mercer.
RVFD members circa 1983
Chief's of the RVFD

                                                      Date Appointed
Merle Harvey                                   Aug. 1953
Emery Canfield                                Jan. 1954
John Fay                                           Mar. 1961
Carl Bowdle                                     June 1963
Bob Overs                                        Mar. 1979
Paul Fry (Interim)                              Oct. 1986
Ed Herring                                        Nov. 1986
Ron Zapp                                           July 1989
Travis Spearman                              Jan. 2005
Doug Badertscher                             Jan 2014

Chief's Bowdle and Zapp had the longest terms at 16 years each.
Left to Right; Clarence Moore, Robert Cox, Don Shipp, Bob Williams, Dick Osborn, Roger Harpster, Dave Grant, Emery Canfield.